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Health Benefits of Vit D!

The entire world has recently stopped due to Covid-19. It is a time when almost everyone is concerned about their health and the health of their loved ones. The simple things we used to take for granted, like hugs and handshakes, now seem threatening. But as summer approaches, we have that amazing sunshine to help boost our spirits...and Vit D!

According to Harvard Health Publishing vitamin D was first discovered in 1920 and was realised to help strengthen bones. Technically it is not a vitamin at all, but a hormone created from the skin's absorption of UV light. It is also not just one chemical, but many that are grouped together under one single name, vitamin D.

Besides being good for our bones, vitamin D has other perhaps surprising health benefits. For many people it feels amazing to get out into the sunshine, especially after having many days of clouds or rain. Vitamin D has been show to ward off depression and anxiety. If you are looking to help regulate your mood, take time everyday to get outside and enjoy the sun. See if it helps you. Though this isn't a cure, and should not be taken in place of medication, it is definitely worth a try.

As summer is approaching, many people are looking to be in better shape. According to Healthline, scientist have found that vitamin D along with calcium can be an appetite suppressant, and people who took a vitamin D supplement while trying to lose weight lost more than those taking a placebo. Of course always consult your doctor before taking any supplements, especially if you are on other medication.

And of course, 2020 brought us the Covid-19 pandemic. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study in 2010 showing that Vitamin D helps reduce your chances or likelihood of developing the flu. Recent studies have been shown vitamin D to have similar results with the corona virus.

Get out and enjoy some sunshine. As always, be aware of your own health and wellness, along with any limitations. Make sure to wear sunscreen, stay hydrated, and most of all have fun.

Editors Note: Sunscreen is important in the prevention of skin cancer. It does not block all of the UV light needed to make vitamin D and is highly recommended by many in the health care industries.

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