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How to Eat Like a Local

Updated: Apr 27

Gibraltar is nothing if not unique. Known as the doorway to the Mediterranean, Gibraltar hosts a variety of vibrant cultures around every corner. Gibraltar is also incredibly walk-able. Parking can be difficult. Once you find that elusive parking spot you will likely not want to move it for the duration of your stay. That means a great night eating out start with putting on your comfortable, yet stylish, walking shoes.

We are based in Ocean Village which has over 20 restaurants. Looking for Indian food? Check. Italian? Check. British, vegan, dessert, Thai, hamburgers, British Sunday roast...check, check, check, check... For weekend holiday makers, you can eat at a different restaurant for every meal, every day, and not walk for more than 3 minutes to any given restaurant.

The entire peninsula is dotted unique restaurants whose delectable aromas fill the cobblestone streets. Here are some of my favourites sure to not let you down.


Flavours of not let the location deter you. You will have amazing Indian food, fantastic service, and a very small check at the end of the night.

Little Bay...Also very good Indian food in the heart of Ocean village. The restaurant itself is very beautiful if you are looking for a more elegant evening out.

Sunday Roast:

The Lord Nelson...Located in Casemates Square, this British pubs is inside the old fortress wall making for unique flair. Their Sunday roasts begin at 1 pm. You get everything you want with a great variety of meats and sides.


Bistro Point...this IS the location. Located at Europa point there is no better view of the straights or Africa. The service is friendly but not pushy. This is perfect for that romantic night you have been waiting for.


The Hendrix...I am American. I know a good burger when I have one. I LOVE these burgers. They have some great flavor combinations, and they are so perfectly messy. You will even get a lovely pair of gloves to wear. The chips are on point and the drinks are 2-4-1 all day everyday. I'll have 2 please...

Consistently good:

Pizza Express...yes this is a chain. But the food is consistently good and the staff incredibly friendly. I get late night cravings for there American Hottest on Romana crust. My mouth is actually drooling right now. This is also a great location for kids or kid parties.

Where every you go in Gibraltar, do not expect to be rushed. Be prepared to have to grab a waiters attention because like elsewhere in Europe, they want you to linger and enjoy without feeling like you are under their schedule.

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