• Team GBC

Plan Your Perfect Vacation

Updated: Apr 20

There is one key element in planning your perfect vacation. And that element is You. No mater what budget you have, what time of year you go, or how much time off you have, no vacation will be perfect unless you know yourself. I know two gentlemen who are best friends, yet they would never travel together. One, lets call him James, always has his backpack ready. The only decision he makes prior to leaving is where he is going to go. Once he gets to his destination, he starts talking to the locals, finds a cheap hostels to stay in, and does not care if he sees any tourist attractions.

The other gentleman, we will call him Dan, loves his five-star hotels. He has cars pick him up to take him to airports and hotels. He has restaurants booked prior to leaving. He has certain days were a personal guide will take him and his family to all the tourist sites. He has pre-planned days for lounging at the hotel pool or local beach. For Dan the plan is everything.

Most of us are somewhere in the middle. Personally I need to know where I will be sleeping. I also have at least two restaurants in mind for the first few nights. From years of travelling, I have found nothing ruins a vacation for me more quickly than being hungry and having no place to eat. And once hungry, decision making becomes even more do I!

Next time you travel, take an inventory of yourself first. Do you want to see all the sites that make your vacation location famous? Do you want to eat where the locals do? Do you want to get lost wandering cobble stone streets, or do you want to get pampered at a spa? Write down the things you absolutely must do and the activities you absolutely want to avoid. Once you know yourself and what you enjoy, planning the perfect vacation will be much easier and much more enjoyable.

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